Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Local Surrogate Friend and Signing News

A few weeks ago I asked our agency if they had anyone in the St. Cloud area that has been a surrogate.  I really wanted to connect with someone here that has gone through this journey before.  Yesterday, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and met a new friend for tea. Again, IARC created another great match...this time with two surrogates!  She's gone through one journey and is now in the beginning stages of her second.  She is just a couple weeks ahead of us, so we can rock this journey together! 

We're FINALLY signing our contract tomorrow!  Ben really wanted to have a "signing ceremony" to make this part extra special.  I think I can speak for all of us, we think this is a wonderful idea!  My IP's neighbor friend, whom I've heard them talk about from our first conversation, is a notary of public.  She and her husband will be joining us to make everything "official."  I feel a sense of relief along with overwhelming excitement!!!  I'm just so ready to get going!   

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