Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Throws Up

When my sister was pregnant with my sweet little niece, Molly, she had hyperemesis.  I've never experienced someone so sick during pregnancy.  Our mom had the same thing during her pregnancies but there was not name for it.  At one point Megan was hooked up to an IV that she carried with her and she had a Zofran Pump that she used for most of her pregnancy.  Megs would often call me crying from the grocery store and tell me that nothing looks or sounds good to eat.  She would ask almost every night what we were having for supper to see if that would sound like something she would want to eat, more often than not it didn't sound appetizing to her.  I never understood or had sympathy for this problem of hers until now.  I owe you a huge apology, Megs!  I'm sorry for not giving you sympathy when you needed it the most from your best friend.  I just thought you should suck it up and eat something.  Now I understand the problem and I'm very sorry for not being a better sister!  Please forgive me. 

I started to experience low hunger within the first week of starting the progesterone.  I simply wasn't hungry and nothing sounded appetizing.  A week or two ago the hunger came back but this issue of nothing sounding, smelling, looking, or tasting good started.  Shortly after this, hot dogs became my craving of choice and then one day I really wanted stir fry.  I purchased all the fixing for stir fry the next day, but by the time I was going to make it for supper the thought of it made me want to throw up!  I also had a small craving for ice cream one day and I told the kids we should go and get some, but by the time we reached the store the thought of ice cream made me sick.  We didn't end up getting ice cream and the kids were so sad.  I've realized I have about a fifteen minute window to consume my craving before the thought of it makes me sick.  I've never experienced something like this in my pregnancies.  Ben keeps saying that's what I get for getting pregnant with someone else's kid, and I should be more careful next time!  hahahaha!!

The last couple days have been very rough on me as far as nausea goes.  I've really only been able to eat very small quantities of rotisserie chicken, dill pickle chips, chocolate milk, hot dogs, Ginger Ale, and Grandma Boom's famous beans.  When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be the first day I would vomit.  I was sick before getting out of bed and could only eat four bites of my toast.  I tried to eat more rotisserie chicken but after two bites I gave up.  I thought I'd try something different.

I can't complain to Ben at all about this pregnancy, after all, it's not his kid and this is a desire of mine that he's happy to support, therefore, my IP's are going to hear all about it when I'm not feeling well! :)  I thought I'd try an Epsom Salt bath to see if that would help me a bit.  That was the beginning of the end of my yucky day.  When I got out of the tub I knew it was coming up...Yep, I totally blew chunks!  It's amazing how much better one feels after throwing up.  I don't like barfing but my stomach feels so much better now.  I'd be happy if that was it for the throwing up stage.  

I text both of my IP's to let them know what happened throughout the day, and I got the cutest response back from IP-A..."I wonder if we should check with Dr. Virro to see if that's normal or if they need to moderate it [the progesterone] some?"  Knowing this is normal, I could reassure them that this is a typical part of pregnancy and all was well.  This is the reply, "Can you just imagine this...Our kids are going to be in the docs office every other day with a sneeze, cough, or sniffle.  We'll have to call the nurse Josie line before we haul them off to the doctor."  Oh IP's, you're going to be typical first time parents and do what we all did as newbies!  You'll be amazing!!!             

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