Monday, May 4, 2015

Perspective Change?

It amazes me how ones perspective can change so quickly.  I'm on my eighteenth of an eighteen week training schedule for running a marathon and I have a whole new perception of distance running.  I had a conversation with an experienced marathon runner last week.  He ask, "How is training going?  Are you tapering yet?"  I replied with, "Training is going great!  We started tapering last week and the marathon is in a week and a half."  He then gave me a whole new light of where I'm at in my training, "Are you to the two and three mile runs yet?  Are you to the point where you're like, why even put on my running shoes for two or three miles?!"  He couldn't have had a more accurate statement.  I do feel like there isn't a point to change, gear up, put on my shoes, and go out for a quick two mile run!  MY PERSPECTIVE CHANGED!

Leslie and Me after her first 10k!

I had a very similar conversation with my new super amazing and inspiring friend, Leslie, as we were running last week.  I've had the privilege of running her two longest runs of her life with her!  Anyway, two weeks ago we went for a five mile run on a Friday morning and that evening she was hanging out with her college friends and they were in awe that she ran five miles that morning.  It puts a whole new perspective on just how far one has come when five miles doesn't feel like a big deal.  Leslie and I are planning on having weekly runs together throughout the summer and I look forward to and enjoy my time with her.  She has a way of deepening my thoughts and I feel like a better person because of that.  It is fun to have another goal oriented person where we can share our dreams and desires and encourage one another.  One of my goals for the year is to develop meaningful friendships.  I think that's one I can cross off my list as our friendship continues to grow.  Leslie has been a godsend!  Not to mention, she is a distance relative of Spencer's.  It just goes to show how small our big world really is. 

I may have jumped my way into the local news paper (you can see Leslie's purple shirt behind my orange coat):

So, this marathon training, you ask?  My sister had this grand idea about how we should run a marathon together.  Two weeks ago we successfully accomplished our longest run so far...20 miles!  There was a half marathon in town that our husbands were running, so we decided we would run the half marathon with them (they actually run faster than we do).  I know, I know, 13.1 miles doesn't equal the 20 that we needed to run, so we ran 7 miles to the half marathon and then ran 13 at the race.  It feels great to be at this point and I look forward to running my marathon with my best friend/sister by my side and many family and friends cheering us along the way!  You're all welcome to come out and cheer along our rout from Holdingford to St. Joseph on May 9th starting at 7:00 am...the more the merrier and funny signs are encouraged!

DONE!  20 Glorious Miles with my BFF

Just a few hours after our 20 mile run, my sister accompanied me to a biannual surrogate social that IARC puts on for their surrogates.  It was a splendid evening with great people, good food, and amazing story after story.  I love hanging out with surrogates!  It's a group of people who understand my crazy and I understand theirs.  It's fun to hear all about the relationships people build through their journeys, and the hilarious stories about all of our own children's conversations they have had with people about surrogacy.  I truly believe that biological children of surrogates have such a clear understanding about the beginning of life.  They accept anything without judgment and are an example of how grown people should behave.  They get to watch first hand the magnitude of how precious building a family can be, and these kids are eager to share their story of how their family was able to help another family.  Surrogacy is beyond beautiful!  The world needs more selfless acts of giving, loving, hoping, and sharing.  Surrogacy is just one example of the endless possibilities, but please do your part in making the world a more peaceful, beautiful, and accepting place!  

IARC is putting together a film with some of their surrogates to help answer questions of people who are looking into surrogacy.  I think it will be beneficial to both surrogates and intended parents.  I was asked to share about our story and was filmed at the surrogate social.  I answered common questions that people may have about surrogacy.  I'm really interested to see what they pull from all of my answerers.  It was a different experience talking about our journey while a camera was in my face. I just want my deep passion to be expressed and I'm confident that people will be able to see that through this film.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.          

Camera in the Face
I hope by joining in on our journey that you have had a chance to learn, grow, enjoy, and possibly changed your perspective of surrogacy.  It is a topic that most people don't know about and many people have varying questions, opinions, concerns, and joy to share.  I believe that we couldn't have had a more perfect story and we have touched so many lives through this journey.  Believe in yourself...once you have fulfilled a big dream you'll know you can conquer anything!  

*Many of you have asked if you can share this blog with your family and friends...Yes, of course you can spread the word.  Our "One Year Blog Update" was the most viewed blog with 359 people reading our story.  Please spread the word!  I really would like to write a book one day and maybe someone out there will be interested sometime soon.

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