Thursday, April 11, 2013

Medical Testing

I received all of my information on Tuesday to go ahead and schedule my medical testing.  Both Ben and I  have to go through very in depth testing on communicable diseases, drugs, nicotine (I know this sounds funny for people who know me.  I've never ever tried a cigarette or been drunk in my entire life.  I may be the ONLY person in Stearns or Benton County to fall in this category), etc.  We need to travel to the cities to have the testing done, so we scheduled for next week Friday.  I was so excited to spread the news that some of you received an exciting text message with all of this info!

What do you get when you have a snow storm in April?  -A SNOW DAY 

The kid's school was canceled today due to severe weather in our area.  Ben decided that he'd stay home with the kids today and I went to work.  Thursday is my six hour day, so on my way home we decided that since the roads were clear we could head to the cities and have our testing today.  So the testing is complete.  Ben and I had to give six viles of blood.  Ben gave one urine sample and I gave two.  We were done in less than fifteen minutes!

I guess the next step is WAITING again...   

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