Monday, April 29, 2013

Something must be wrong when this earlybird gets up at 10am

I've been very very tired for the last few weeks, in fact, I was talking to a new co-worker a couple weeks ago and she joked about me being pregnant!  Little does she know that I'm working really hard on that, but not trying to get knocked up with my own...

A week ago I woke up with a terrible sore throat.  Naturally, I blamed a different co-worker who was sick the previous week and was working closely with me.  I had the same list of symptoms that she did.  I had a horrible sore throat and all I wanted to do was sleep.  She stated that she thought it might be strep throat and she got over it in 7 days without any antibiotics.  At day five I knew I needed to get on a antibiotic to help with my rock hard tonsils that were covered in white lesions.

I ran to a minute clinic and had a strep test done that came back negative, however, my tonsils were seriously infected!  She gave me an antibiotic and I started taking it right away.  I thought within twenty four hours I'd be feeling better.  Well, I did feel better when I was taking Ibuprofen with the antibiotic, but when the Ibuprofen wore off the pain came back and it felt worse.  I slept this whole nice weekend away.  I knew yesterday that I needed to see the ENT, and have someone other than Sister Karen, the Nun Nurse Practitioner, look at my tonsils.

Being in pain makes you do things that you may not otherwise do.  I was at the ENT clinic this morning right at 8:00 and walked in to see if they had an appointment.  :)  I love when things work out...They had a cancellation right away and guess who was ready to fill that spot?  ME!

He didn't even look at my throat before he told me that my tonsils needed to come out.  He listened to my history with all the troubles that I've had with them and after he looked he was certain they needed to come out.  I asked him if the infection was making me so incredibly tired.  "You could have Mono!!" he said.  I've been tested for mono a handful of times due to my chronic fatigue and It's always come back negative.  I thought having the test would be a wast of time and money, little did I know...   
The blood work came back within an hour saying I am positive for Mono!  Seriously, the conversation (joking on both ends) went like this, "Ben, I have Mono.  Who have you been kissing?"  He replied, "Just you, who have you been kissing?"  Laughing I said, "Just you, Babe!"  So it is, I have Mono and I now have to take a steroid to help with the inflammation.  They are going to call soon and schedule a tonsillectomy in about 3 weeks.

I kept my IP's and IARC updated throughout my crazy weekend and morning.  I'm thankful that we haven't started meds yet and even more thankful that we haven't done the transfer, but we're going to have to push it out another month (Start meds in June and tentative July Transfer).  I'm really sad, but we need to make sure I'm healthy and healed from the surgery before anyone starts meds.  I bummed!   

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