Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Snail Mail Surprise and Update on Times

Card that came in the mail from my IP's

The inside reads:
Happy Mother's Day Josie!
We are so  happy to be going on this amazing journey with you!  We will never be able to say enough "Thank Yous" to express how much your tremendous generosity means to us!

This couple never ceases to amaze me!  I feel so lucky that I've been matched with people that will be a part of our lives and our forever friends.  I feel honored that I get to carry and deliver a child for them, and watch them become the amazing parents that I see in them already.  Sometime soon there will be a little one that will be extremely lucky to make this couple a family.  
My tonsillectomy is scheduled on Friday.  I'm a bit nervous about having surgery and healing time.  I'm not sure anyone looks forward to having surgery and the slight risk of being put under.  I do look forward to not having tonsil issues anymore.  I've already stocked up on popsicles and made froze about two weeks worth of food for my family.  I think we're ready to go!
The infamous "So long as things go as planned..."  Looks like I'll start meds next month to get on the egg donor's cycle.  I will be on birth control for a short time to get my body in sync with her's.  I've only taken birth control for three months total in my life, so hopefully I won't feel yucky!  Natural family planning worked like a charm for Ben and I, unlike my Grandparents who had 14 kids using that method (This is seriously not a Joke.  My dad is number 8)!  So long as she gets her cycle in early June then we'll schedule a transfer for Mid-July!  YAY!!!!!    

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