Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As most of you know, I had a successful and uncomplicated tonsillectomy done on Friday.  They warned me about the pain that would come after the surgery, but I have a very high pain threshold and I don't care for pain meds so I thought I'd be fine.  I took the advice from the nurse and started taking the Tylenol with Codine for the first couple days.  I felt pretty good all weekend. 
It may sound disgusting to most people, but I'm a believer that breast milk is the cure all for anything and everything (it healed my eczema that I couldn't get rid of for five years with just a couple of fresh applications).  I had a few ounces of my sister's milk in the freezer (I feel a little frantic when I run out so there always has to be some on hand) and I took it out and consumed every last drop, except for the tiny bit I put on a dry spot that I have on my back.  I felt AMAZING!!  I went to bed and told Ben that I was cured and felt like I could go back to work on Tuesday.  Nedless to say, I needed to get my hands on more milk!  I contacted some gals in my holistic mom's group and was able to buy some more milk that I saved to help when I go back to work.
Sunday the pain seemed tolerable.  I switched to children's ibuprofen and seemed to be quite comfortable with just that.
Yesterday the pain was a bit worse, so I tried to take the Tylenol with Codine right before going to bed and it burned my throat.  It was so bad that I was awake for the full four hours in sheer pain until I could take the ibuprofen again.  OUCH!  I won't do that again. 
Today was the worst pain so far, I just wanted to be little and curl up in a ball and have my mom snuggle me while I cried!  I did cry a bit while I felt like a thug sitting on the couch.  I knew it was a day for some breast milk.  The milk tastes as bad as the smell of baby spit-up.  It's really gross, so I have to have something good to smell after each sip so I don't throw up.  CHA CHING, It worked its magic and I feel better again.  It was worth the dollar per ounce I spent.  I still have three more days of milk and my sister is coming to my rescue this weekend with more milk!  THANK GOD for my lactating sister/BFF :)   
My cycle started again today.  I've had to report the first day of my period to the agency since January or so.  Just a few hours after I sent my e-mail I received a message from our coordinator, Keely, that the donor got her's today too.  This is so awesome because I'm thinking that I won't have to get on birth control to regulate my cycle, though I don't know this for sure it seems like a good guess.  I guess God, the Earth, or Positive Energy (whatever your belief may be) is in control and made it obvious that all the stars lined up right.  When I heard that our cycles both started today I'm pretty sure that the endorphins took over and made ALL of the pain go away.  It's really neat what the body can do naturally (give us endorphins and milk).  
It sounds like the egg donor will start her meds in three weeks and I'll start mine on day one of my next cycle.  The transfer should be set for Mid July!  YAY! I'm a little in shock that this is really happening...

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