Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Behind the Scenes

I am watching Rules of Engagement with Ben as I write this and the episode is about surrogacy.  It's interesting the way the media portrays surrogacy and how the facts are so skewed.  I'm pretty sure that I've said, "That's not right!" about ten times.  I really like that surrogacy is becoming more common and accepted by people worldwide.  I'm so happy that our kids are allowed have an open mind on how a family can be created in many ways.  I truly believe it's a gift for our IP's and our family!

Surrogacy can take interesting twists and turns along the way.  Late Friday I received a message from Keely that I needed to get a clearance letter from my doctor that I'm healed from the Mono and healthy to proceed.  The fertility doctor needed this letter before we could start our medication protocol.  I called my ENT pronto.  He was the one who diagnosed the Mono and did my Tonsillectomy.  His nurse called back just minutes later and sated that he wasn't comfortable writing a letter because he doesn't deal with pregnancy.  He asked that I call my primary care physician to obtain the letter from her.  I haven't been to my primary care physician in a little while and she didn't diagnose the Mono, so I thought this would take a bit to get this letter.

I called my primary care physician on Friday and it sounded like they would get back to me the same day.  I didn't hear back from them, of course I called them first thing on Tuesday morning!  They said they had called me on Friday several times and got a busy signal each time.  Thank goodness I'm impatient and called them back.  They asked several medical questions to make sure that Mono was gone and said they'd write the letter, "But your doctor is out until Thursday".  UGH, Seriously!?!  Then I asked them if the last doctor I saw would be able to sign it?  YES!  They said she'd have it ready the same day...

I knew the clinic had a glitch in the phone system and they couldn't reach me, so I figured it was kosher for me to call five times in one afternoon, but still no letter.  I was able to run to the clinic and check with them in person to see if the letter was ready. NOPE, not ready yet.  My brilliant idea was to sign the release and have them fax the letter to Keely as soon as it was signed.  Hopefully the next day it'd be ready to rock n' roll!

I called my IP's last night to share the news of all the behind the scene work that I had been doing to get things rolling.  They told me that they have a couple things they have to get done before we do the transfer and have a meeting all scheduled to go over more paperwork.  Paperwork is the story of our lives lately!  They're so supportive and understanding.  We're so lucky to be matched with them  :)

I felt a bit more relaxed today about obtaining this letter.  I didn't check my phone until lunchtime and I had a message from the clinic and Keely that she'd already received the letter and we're moving on!  Actually, we are moving on to our next contact person.  Welcome into my world, Kim!  I should be hearing from her before the end of the week and she'll be it from here on out.  Yay for getting one step closer.  

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm done taking my Children's liquid Ibuprofen for my throat!  I've been able to eat real food since Monday and I'm feeling GREAT!  Yay for quick healing.      

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  1. Hi! I Just wanted to say thank you for blogging about your experience! I am in the beginning stages of becoming a surrogate and I actually live about an hour north of St Cloud, and I'm working with IARC too! It's great to hear other peoples experience so I know what to expect!