Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Meds Arrived!

 The meds are finally here...
 ...I'm a little nervous...
 ...I wonder what's inside...
 ...of course the sharps container has to be on top!
Here is the inventory of my medications
It's always a process to move on to the next phase of surrogacy.  I was told on Friday that the Rx was called into Walgreens and I would hear from them on Monday.  They'd need to talk to me over the phone prior to shipping the medications, and the agency would like them here on Tuesday.  I anxiously waited all day for the phone to ring and by 2:20pm I'd had enough and thought I'd call IARC and let them know that I hadn't heard from Walgreens.  Kim didn't think anything of it and said it would be fine as long as I had the meds by Friday.  I ended up hearing from Walgreens the following day and my meds arrived TODAY!

I start my injections of Lupron, which basically quiets my eggs so I don't ovulate, on Day 1 of my next cycle (aprox 1.5 weeks away). I'm directed to start the Estrace oral tablet on the 22nd of June.  I have Progesterone vaginal suppositories that I'll take when IARC informs me.  I've taken off of work July 9-11th for a July 10th TRANSFER!  The egg retrieval is planned (for now anyway) on July 5th.

I'm not sure if many of you are aware that the transfer is actually going to happen in Toronto, Canada.  It's about 2.5 times cheaper for my IP's and our agency uses this clinic quite frequently.  In fact,  this will be the egg donors fourth donation with the same doctor that we'll be using.  We've heard from the doctor that he had good success with this donor!      

My IP's met with their lawyer today to get everything set for their Wills and Power of Attorney.  We need to know what to do with the little peanut if, God forbid, anything tragic happens.  I heard from them today and they said that it's information overload and it made their heads swim.  They'll  have that all wrapped up before the transfer happens (and that is really soon)!   

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