Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeling a Little Lightheaded

Step-by-Step Training...Yeah Right!
(she is injecting her leg...I'm injecting my belly) 

How on earth can a dental hygienist who administers local anesthetic to people every working day feel lightheaded about injecting a tiny little insulin needle into her own stomach?  Monday is my anticipated Day 1 (The first day of ones next menstrual cycle) and when I'll begin 10 days of Lupron injections.  They go into my lower abdomen near my belly button.

I sat down to watch the video provided by Walgreens about how to administer Lupron injections.  The video basically told me that the injection would be placed in the fatty area at a 90 or 45 degree angle and that's about it.  The only good thing about having a Mama pouch is that this shouldn't hurt as much as someone with rock hard abs!  The next best thing after watching a crappy video was to check out Youtube.  I watched several videos and decided that Jamie was the most likable and someone that I could stand spending five minutes a day with for ten days.  I plan on her walking me through the steps as I give myself (deep breath) this injection.

I know that most of you think that I could just have Ben give me the shot, right?!?!  Those of you that have had a back rub by my amazing husband know that he doesn't have a gentle touch, so I'm a little affraid of giving him a needle and allowing him to JAB it in my belly.  I have to do this one myself, or perhaps find a willing nurse  :)

Next update=first injection day 
Wish me luck!       

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