Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Josie, My Name is Lupron...

 *Less Than 3 weeks until the Transfer*

I was due for my cycle to begin Monday, Tuesday at the latest.  When I went to sleep Tuesday night I was very scared that something was wrong with me because it hadn't started yet.  In terms of my menstrual cycle, I'm one of those women who is so regular that I can almost time it to the hour.  I honestly don't think I have ever gone longer than 28 days between my periods except when I was pregnant. (Now you know more about me than you ever thought you needed, but this is a huge day because meds start when my cycle starts.) 

My REM sleep got the best of me that night when I woke up in panic mode because I had the WORST nightmare ever!  You guessed it, in my dream I was pregnant...with Ben and my baby!  AHHHH!!!  First of all, Dr. snippy snippy would be in big trouble if this happened.  Second, this was probably the scariest dream ever because we truly don't want any more kids, and I'm pretty sure I'd be bawling the same way I was in my nightmare!  After waking up at 3:30 am I couldn't fall back asleep and stressed the rest of the night about not starting my cycle yet.

During lunch the next day, I still didn't have my period, I decided that I should put my mind a ease and take a pregnancy test.  Of course it came back negative and it made me feel so much better just knowing that all was well.  I guess the anticipation made my body react in such a strange way.  I text Ben right away and all he could do was laugh.  I called my IP's on my way home from work and they laughed so hard at the whole story.  Thank God I'm not pregnant with our child.  Lets hope next month our IP's little Pea sticks in my Pod!

 My cycle started today, so that means Lupron starts today!

It might be BLOODY (It didn't bleed at all)

I figured it would be best to sit down just in case I passed out

Close up

Thanks to my AMAZING Husband for the wonderful photos!!!
I thought it was important to text my IP's, Sister, and Mom a countdown about 11 minutes before the poke, so they could feel a little bit of what I was as the anticipation grew.  I watched Jamie, from the YouTube video, as I prepared for the injection.  I'm thinking that will be the only time I will need her to walk me through this process.  It was so easy!  I felt a tiny stick but not even a little burn as it went in.  My heart was racing the whole time and it only took a moment to calm down when I was done.  I'm not going to sweat this again! 

I asked my friend, Charity, how she felt from the Lupron and she warned me that one can get a little moody from it.  Another Surrogate friend, Nicole, said that the worst side effect was the headaches.  I have just nine more days of injections.  My Estrace tabs start on Saturday. 

Travel plans begin tomorrow!    

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