Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving Right Along

I got word today from IP-A that their egg donor got the stamp of approval from her monitoring appointment.  She'll be visiting our doctor (we'll all use the same one) in Toronto next week for another monitoring appointment and the final retrieval and transfer date will be set.  We're tentatively looking at July 5th for the egg retrieval/fertilization and the 10th for the transfer, but that can fluctuate a day or two in either direction.  I also have a monitoring appointment for July 5th to make sure my lining is thick enough and ready for the transfer.  This is such an interesting process!

I've been doing just fine with my Lupron injections.  It really doesn't hurt at all!  Five of the ten days are complete and I have yet to feel any loopy side effects.  The hardest part is actually staying up until 9:00 some nights.

Saturday I started my Estrace tabs twice per day until confirmation of pregnancy.  Again, I haven't felt any side effects from the hormones.  I've heard some surrogates say they loved being on hormones but I don't feel any different yet, so I can't really give my opinion.

We were able to hang out with our IP's this weekend while we were in the cities.  They are such wonderful people!  I feel fortunate that they want to be so involved in the pregnancy and the whole process!  It was a strange feeling giving them a hug good-bye knowing that the next time I see them will be in Toronto where their little embryos will be growing and waiting for a home in my womb, at least two of them anyway.        

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  1. Yay Josie! Good luck today and for the next week or so, hope everything goes smoothly! 2 of them huh? Yikes!