Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mucus Plug

38 Weeks
You may think it sounds disgusting to talk about the mucus plug, but why do people think that it's somewhat inappropriate to discuss?  It's a completely natural part of the birthing process and your mom lost hers at some point when you were making your arrival.  I'll spare you the photo I took of my mucus plug that I sent to my IPs, but I had to think about that for a long time before posting this.  I don't think that it would be a bad thing to show you.  I had to take a photo and send it to my IPs so they could be as involved in this process as they wanted to be!  Plus, I've heard that some of you even got to see the photo already from my IPs.   

I had my OB appointment on Monday and I'm still dilated to 1.5cm and she said I'm slightly thinner than last week.  I lost my mucus plug that afternoon after she dug around up there, which probably helped it out.  I really got hopeful that this little man would have already made his grand arrival.  I lost mine with our little Jack on a Thursday and had him on Saturday, so I had really high hopes that yesterday would have been the day.  I realize that loosing the mucus plug doesn't mean labor will start really soon, but at least we know my body is working on preparing itself for giving birth.  I've had several random contractions that really don't hurt.  We're just playing that game of "hurry up and wait".  

I went crazy on Monday night getting everything ready just in case I did go into labor that night.  I now have everything ready to go.  My bag is packed and I somehow completed the task of shaving my legs...not easy to do!  My IPs went to the store that night to finish up their last minute shopping and I think we're all completely ready to go.

I had a dream last night that I forgot to call our photographer and tell her I was in labor.  I realized after the baby was born that she wasn't there and I was so sad!  In that same dream, no one video taped the birth either.  I guess it's clear that I feel like these two things are very important and I know we won't forget to do either!  I don't want to have to do all this work and not have a video or photos to look at after the birth.  It's kind of sad how the person giving birth does all the work and misses out on seeing what is happening.  I know I closed my eyes and gave so much concentration on my body while I was giving birth to our kids, so I appreciate having a video and photos to look back on.

I'm still feeling amazing!  Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming my way that this little man will make his arrival really soon.       


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