Friday, March 21, 2014

Well That Wasn't Funny!

39 Weeks

My IPs came up for our final "Blow up the Belly" photo.  We have a series of four photos now and they're adorable.  We'll take our last picture with the baby right after they're released from the hospital and heading home.  We took a bunch of other fun photos and had a wonderful lunch with our family and both IPs.  I don't know why, but I always feel extra lucky when we get to spend time with them.  I'm still certain that we're the best match ever! 

My OB appointment on Monday was quite uneventful, except my cervix is tipped so far that her knuckles have to reach into me to find it.  That can be a little uncomfortable but not painful.  I told her she was allowed to stir things up if she wanted just in case that might make this little man decide that he'd like to come out.  She said she could strip my membranes next week if I wanted her to.  I truly feel so amazing!  IP-B asked me this morning how I was feeling today and I could only respond with, "Ugh, way too good!"  I really can't complain about how amazing I'm still feeling at 39 weeks.  I know most of you could slap me right now, but I guess this is why I was meant to do this and you weren't!  I'm seriously fine if he stays in a little longer to gain a bit more weight.  The selfish reason I'd like him out is I really can't wait to give my husband a hug and snuggle with our little kiddos and not feel like I'm a mile away from them.  I'm also really excited to see my IPs holding this little man and for him to finally have a name! 

I met a woman yesterday when I was volunteering at a March of Dimes event who learned that I was a surrogate.  I'm so amazed at the overwhelming support that strangers poor out when I tell them that this baby isn't ours, and I'm just carrying him until he gets to go home with his parents.  Most people express that they have only heard about surrogacy on the news, TV shows, or the movies.  This lady was so exited that she started giving people high-fives and saying, "We met one!" because she got to meet a real surrogate in person!  She made me laugh.  At this same event, there was an older gentleman who shook my hand and gave me a bow and was so thrilled that our family is helping others.  It's so neat to see how other people are impacted by a decision we made as a family and that the joy of this baby extends far beyond his parents.  

I joined seven other surrogates, several IPs, and the owner of IARC last night at the state capitol to support a bill that was passed for assisted reproduction.  I've never ever had an interest in legislation or truly cared much about bills that were presented to our senate.  I have truly have found a passion for surrogacy, so I thought it would be important and a great learning lesson to join my fellow surrogates in support of this bill.  I felt proud to stand behind two surrogates and a couple IPs who testified for the bill.  I think it helped that there were two of us who were really pregnant that stood behind the people testifying in support of the bill.  There were only two old douche-bag men that didn't want to pass the bill.  I love that all of the women and a couple gentlemen were very much in support of what we are doing to help build families! 

There was one woman and one man who testified against the bill and I almost threw up from the ideas that they had of us.  The lady basically stated that we were uneducated women who are on welfare and only become a surrogate for the money.  Isn't it great that the agency has such a thorough application that would disqualify anyone that has a motive like that?  I appreciate that they have us fill out hours and hours of paperwork, telephone interviews, medical examinations, and psychological evaluations prior to even being accepted as a potential surrogate.  All of us involved in surrogacy have the same create families that can't do it on their own!  It's such a beautiful process to be involved in and I feel so honored that I get to be a part of this hidden world that isn't as small as you think. 

I started having contractions about 9:00 last night.  I kind of thought it was funny that I was surrounded by a ton of surrogates and IPs and was contracting so much.  I met up with a couple ladies to carpool and when they dropped me off at my car around 11:00 I was still having contractions.  My IPs asked for me to call them when I could after the legislation meeting (they watched it at home), so I called them on my way home.  I was still contracting and they were getting stronger.  I told them that I'd wait to have them head up until I got home and started moving around just to make sure that they didn't stop.  About thirty minutes later I called them and said that hey should probably get ready because I was 99.9% sure that he was going to make his grand arrival.  The contractions continued to get stronger and stronger in the car.  I had to even start telling myself to relax during them.  Of course I was driving so I could time them out, but I almost called the hospital before going into the house to tell them that they could expect us sometime last night or early this morning.  I was so confident that this was it.  I walked into the house and could almost tell instantly that the contractions weren't as strong as they were when I was sitting down.  I told my IPs to hold off with making the drive and I'd try to get some sleep.  I'm sitting here, so you can guess pretty quickly that it wasn't true labor!  I'm super shocked.  I'm still getting random contractions that aren't very strong, I actually am having one right now.  He'll come when he's ready, I guess! 

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  1. I'm so excited for you, Josie. Your dream is close to coming true. You are such a caring, giving person and reading all you do makes me exhausted :-). I'm thrilled for you and so proud to have you for my goddaughter. Your IPs and your little guy are so lucky. What an amazing gift that will continue to give back to you and your family forever. Good luck!