Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Alive...We Heard The Heart Beating!

Yesterday we had our first "official" OB appointment.  IP-B has a new job and was unable to attend the appointment, however IP-A was able to make it!  We met with an RN, Joan, to begin the appointment.  She was so nice and full of great information.  We went through my pregnancy and medical history.  Some questions were directed toward me while others were directed toward IP-A.  I did the typical urine sample and initial blood work (everyone on this green earth will know that I don't have HIV or an STD, because I've been tested more times in the last year than most of you have ever been in your life).  The nurse was so accepting and nice when dealing with our unique pregnancy.  I honestly think we're given more time than the average Joe, or Josie, because people are so fascinated by us.  I'm the first surrogate that our doctor has seen, so this little nugget will be the first surro baby delivered by her!  It's kind of cool. 

Our OB is just the nicest there is.  She had just gotten back from the hospital after delivering a baby and we could tell she was still a little giddy.  It makes me really excited to know that she still clearly loves what she does.  She asked us if we had any questions and told us what our appointment for the day would look like.  We started by listening to the baby's heartbeat.  It took a little while to locate the baby, but finally we heard the 166bpm.  IP-A videotaped this part of the appointment so IP-B would be able to hear the little heartbeat for the first time.  I still vote it's a girl!  The smile that IP-A had definitely lit up the room.  Moments like that make this whole journey worthwhile!   

I finished up the appointment alone with the doctor.  She had to do the annual physical, etc.  I think she also wanted a little time alone with just me to see how I was doing.  It really makes me feel like she is extra thoughtful to know that she had prepared the appointment to spend time with just the two of us.  I tell my IP's everything, but I appreciate the fact that she felt the need to make sure I was doing ok. I was able to explain that I do have a bond with the baby, but it's sooooooooooooooo very different than the bond I had with our babies. I think I can liken it to the bond I have with my nieces when they were in utero.  It's a connection and love but different than our kids.  It must be the feeling that a typical surrogate has.

IP-A and I had lunch at Noodles and Company following the appointment.  It's my new pregnancy obsession.  When I say obsession, I mean I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!  The Pad Thai noodle bowl is gluten free and has been in my stomach for the last three days in a row.  I'm still struggling with food issues, so it's nice to have something that I can eat and enjoy.  I honestly can't stop thinking about eating it.  I still can't eat anything sweet.  The smell of bubblegum was pleasant the other day, so I bought myself some chewing bubblegum this morning.  I didn't get more than three chew in and I spit it out.  It was waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too sweet for me.  The only other thing that sounds appetizing is seafood.  I'm not a fish eater at all, but I really want seafood.  I learned that I'm allowed one serving a week, so I think I'll be adding that to my weekly intake. 

The heightened sense of smell is getting the best of me.  Our kitchen is torn apart, we had some water leakage while we were in Canada and we couldn't get rid of the stink.  Sometimes I would walk into the house and head straight for the toilet to barf because the smell was pretty bad.  Ben tore up the floor and when he pulled out the dishwasher he discovered the stink.  The smell was/is so rancid.  After he opened the cabinet next to the dishwasher up, I held the barf in until we made it out of Menard's and I had dry heaves in the parking lot.  There was a car full of spectators watching.  Oops.  We had an insurance adjuster come out today, so we'll see where that leads us.  Ben is so amazing and has completed the demo work and is installing new flooring as I type.  The smell is much better but not gone.  The other smell that has made me gag and almost loose my stomach is fast food restaurants.  They are everywhere and they stink up the whole freaking town.  If you see me driving my mini van with my shirt over my nose, please wave!  It's a stinky situation. 

I'm winding down my medications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gave myself my last HcG injection tonight and I have two final days left of the rest.  I think by this time next week I'll feel like my normal pregnant self.

There is something inside me that keeps moving.  It's fun to feel the little bubbles everyday.  One night I thought she was using my uterine wall as a trampoline and just jumped for a solid five minutes.  I love feeling the movement.  I can't wait until it's really strong and my IP's can feel it.  Lydia might be almost as excited as my IP's are.  When I giggle and tell her that I feel the baby moving, she jumps up and tries to feel it.  She tells everyone that her mom is pregnant and how excited she is that we're helping a couple have a baby.  I think our kids are going to gain more out of this experience than I had originally thought.

Our next OB appointment is scheduled in six weeks!                    

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