Friday, January 24, 2014

Traumatized? YES!

I was fortunate enough to watch and video tape the birth of my new niece last weekend.  My sister is my new hero!  She had a perfect drug free water birth, and Elliott had the most peaceful way to enter the world.  I am, however, slightly anxious about the delivery of Mr. Surrogate baby now.  I kind of forgot how painful it is...Oops, should have thought about that before I got knocked up! (just kidding)  I love giving birth, but watching it from the other end is a very different experience.  I just wanted to take the pain away from my sister.  It's very difficult to watch my very best friend in that much pain.  At one point the midwife told my sister, "No one smiles while doing this."  Megan said under her laboring breath, "Josie does!"  It made me chuckle.  I'm so proud of my sister for succeeding in her goal for a water birth!

One week ago IP-A and IP-B came up for our 30 week OB appointment, our third "Blow up the Belly" photo, and to watch The Wizard of Oz play.  Lydia, who is 9, took our third photo and did an amazing job!  She also posed us an extra photo to enter into a photo contest and wrote a poem that answered the question, "What makes someone one of a kind?"
 Someone special
 Using her belly
 Really selfless
 Rounded belly
 Ovum donor
 Gave the egg
 Caring heart
 You are having a baby for someone else

Our appointment last week went well.  I'm measured at a perfect 30 and his heart rate was in the 130's.  I hate to say that I have 25lbs to loose already and I still have 9 weeks to go.  Not to focus on this as being bad or a big deal, but when people say I don't look big I have to let them know that I actually feel huge!  It's amazing peoples perspective on someone else when they don't know what they looked like prior to pregnancy.  Our doctor is as sweet as they come, but after seeing my sister deliver with a midwife I know that I really want IP-B's sister, who is a midwife, to be at the birth of her nephew.  Unfortunately, midwifes aren't allowed to deliver at the St. Cloud hospital or we would just have her instead of the OB.  We can, however, labor at home for as long as possible and then head to the hospital.  I think she would be perfect to have around to help keep me calm!  We've been chatting and she's given me great advice and resources to check out!  I'm super thankful that IP-B has an awesome sister (really there are two awesome sisters!!!).  We just hope the stars align right and she can make it!!!!!!!!!!

I've had some ups and downs this week.  I'm struggling to sleep and starting to feel exhausted.  I'm at the point where thinking about doing this for nine more weeks might feel like eternity!  My right ribs are bruised and I'm continually trying to push his foot out of them.  I still struggle with food.  I grew up in a chocolate loving family where CHOCOLATE is the main topic of most conversation, and my brain tells me I really want to eat it but it doesn't taste good (insert a BIG GASP!).  I've come to terms with it but it's still really hard to accept that I can't eat it while I'm "with" this child.  I wonder if he'll like chocolate?  I did have one night where the little man allowed me to sleep for five straight hours!  Hopefully this next week will be better!  The power of positive thinking does do wonders!!      


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