Friday, January 3, 2014

Wait, Third Trimester Already?!?!

28 weeks
  I feel bigger than I look
 Welcome to week 28-third trimester!  I'm still having mixed emotions about being this far along on this incredible journey.  My sister, who is due in two weeks, will tell everyone that I'm so stupid for volunteering to be pregnant for someone else.  Don't get me wrong, she is one of my biggest supporters.  Poor thing, she just isn't good at being pregnant.  I'm sure in two months I'll be ready to have my body back and this little man off my bladder and out of my ribs.  He's been using my bladder as a punching bag during the night, and I'm getting up frequently to urinate and flip from one side to the other.  He's a little night out IPs!  I'm sure it'll be quite a difference that my IPs will be well rested when he arrives.  I wonder if that will help with the sleep deprivation during infancy?  Most of the time the mother is beyond tired before the baby is even born, but they'll have had all the sleep they can get right up until delivery.  BONUS for them!!!  My acid reflux started kicking my butt a week ago, but I still need to quit drinking my La Croix water that is probably the cause of it.  All in all I really feel great and I'll miss it when he's born and gets to go home.  I totally understand why other surrogates do this over and over.  IT'S AMAZING! 
I'm just about ready to head into the clinic for my glucose test and I'm really not looking forward to this.  I've never minded having to drink the really sweet sugary drink for our pregnancies, however, when nearly everything tastes too sweet it's hard to imagine drinking it.  I plan on just chugging it as fast as I can to get it over as quickly as possible.  I'm bringing my camera and hopefully someone can capture me drinking it so my IPs can see how it goes  ;)  They're not coming up for this appointment today because we're already at the point where we'll have appointments every other week and they're coming up in two weeks!  Here I go...I'll write more when I get back from my appointment!    

No choice...I have to have the fruit punch


It really wasn't as bad as my face looks
So the glucose test wasn't as terrible as I had imagined. She captured the very moment that the drink hit the base of my tongue that can't handle sweets.  I was just relieved when it was over.  She looked at me after I drank it and said, "If you throw that up, you'll have to come back and repeat the test next week."  Mind over matter...I wasn't going to throw that up!  One hour after consumption, the vampire drew my blood and will call me with my awesome results this afternoon.  No worry, I've always passed it!

I saw our OB right after I drank that poison and I'm measuring at a perfect 28!  The little man's heart rate is in the 140's.  She gave me an Rx for an antacid if I need it, however, I'll stop drinking my La Croix water and see if that helps cut down the acid reflux.  I don't like taking anything while I'm pregnant so I didn't even fill the Rx.  We're on the downward hill now to the end of this part of the journey and the start of one that will last a lifetime!      

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