Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cousin Love

We found out that Lydia's surrogacy photo and poem that she entered into the contest is going to be given an award tonight.  We'll learn what place she got and if the photo will advance in the competition.  It's such an awesome way to spread the wonderful message of surrogacy through a nine year olds voice.  I'm so proud of her!

My rib has continued to bother me a lot.  I had my OB appointment on Friday and she was a little concerned that it could be an issue with my gall bladder.  When she pressed on my sore area I thought I was going to punch her, it hurts so bad to push on it.  I swear it was my rib, but when she hit the spot she said that it's my gall bladder.  Then, in the next breath, she said that it just doesn't seem like I would be the typical person to have a gall bladder issue.  She said the only reason I would be likely to have any issue with the gall bladder is that it's my fourth pregnancy.  I went back into the clinic later that day to have an ultrasound on the gall bladder.  I nearly cried during the ultrasound...they aren't gentle on sore areas at all.  Thankfully I was cleared of any gall bladder issues!  She said it's either an issue with my rib or muscle due to the position of the baby.  I found that sleeping with ice on my rib allows me a lot of relief.  I think it just makes the baby move out of the area...sorry little man! 
34 Weeks

On Sunday the kids and I attended a baby shower with IP-B's family.  We went to IP-B's sister's house and we were again welcomed with open arms.  What an incredible family that this baby is going to have.  It's so wonderful to get to know this family more and I really enjoy spending time with them.  They are really wonderful people!  George disappeared and played with all of the little baby's cousins the entire time we were there.  Lydia and Jack wanted to play the games and watch the gifts being opened.  It looks like he's set to head home now!

The baby was moving quite a bit and both IPs were able to feel him.  He also gave his cousin a nice kick right when she touched my belly.  It was fun to see a HUGE smile spread across her little 8 year old face.  I was hopeful that he would have been a little more active, but at least a few people were able to feel him moving!  It's funny how he would move, so someone would put their hand on my belly and then he would decide to wait until they took their hand away to give me a nice kick.  Funny little guy!  Soon enough they'll all be able to hold him.   

I was also able to chat with IP-B's sister, the midwife, for a while and get some good tips from her.  She lent me a few books so I can read up on different labor techniques.  I'm hopeful that this little man will cooperate so she can attend the birth.  I think she's got that perfect calming personality that will be very helpful while I'm in labor.  My sister's birth experience really changed my views and I would so much rather have a midwife at the birth, but the St. Cloud Hospital doesn't allow midwifes to deliver at the hospital.  The closest hospital that allows them to deliver is 45 minutes away.  I know that I want to labor at home as long as possible, so we have to deliver in St. Cloud.  It's such a bummer but that's our option.  My IPs will head up and we'll tour the hospital in the next few weeks.  EEEKKKKK, we're getting close!

The baby's cousins giving him some love.  I especially love that kids are so open, accepting, and loving of how life is created...in any way, shape, or form.  I wish adults we more like kids! 

The BEST news of the last couple months...my rib has felt good for two days!  I was able to have two relatively pain-free nights.  Yesterday was the best day I've had and so far today I'm feeling WONDERFUL!  I hope that because he's supposed to "drop" this week that he's doing it and that's making me feel better.  I kind of think that he just needed to spend time with his parents and have them tell him to move down.  I can't tell if he's "dropped" but I do feel a lot more movement a little south than I have.  I don't care what has happened, I'm just happy that my rib isn't killing me.  I was even able to shop for a new pair of running shoes and scored on a pair of sandals, too.  I wasn't sure that I'd be able to try on and tie running shoes, but it was okay and I was successful in finding a new pair.  I have a half marathon that I have to be ready to run (okay, I might end up walking some of it so my uterus doesn't fall out) in May.   

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