Thursday, February 20, 2014

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

34 weeks 5 days
*Photo by Lydia
34 weeks 5 days
*Photo by Lydia
We have a winter weather advisory that went into effect this morning at 9:00, so I thought since it was gorgeous out (27 degrees) earlier this morning that I could get in one mile for each week I had left of the pregnancy and reminisce. 

During the first 2.5 miles these are some of the things that I thought about...

I realized during my workout that it has been exactly a year and a half since my first contact with my friend, Charity, from IARC.  Our family has put our heart and soul into getting to the point where we are now.  Every single day was something new or different to get to the agency, but the last 35 weeks we have been giving every single moment of every single day into growing a healthy baby boy.  I have to say that this has been an incredible journey and I just realized, out on the road, how proud I am of our little family!  I knew that this was something I was "called" to do, but it's taken me this long to realize that I CAN be proud of us...and I am!  I'm proud that I listened to that little voice in my head, I'm proud that Ben has been so supportive, I'm proud that our kids are so accepting and loving, I'm proud of my parents, siblings, extended family, and friends who have watched us and supported us throughout this journey, I'm proud to help IP-A and IP-B become parents, and I'm proud to say that this little boy has a wonderful family that can't wait to meet him!  I AM PROUD TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT SURROGACY IS AN AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL OPTION FOR PEOPLE TO HAVE A CHILD OF THEIR OWN!  

Even though I had some food issues, was sick, and had a foot that killed my rib, I feel lucky that this journey has been so smooth and I really have loved this pregnancy!  I finally feel great again and I'm looking forward to the last five weeks.  I know, I'm crazy...most of us surrogates are!

During my last 2.5 miles I could only think about one thing...I NEED TO PEE!

When I turned around to head home I realized that I needed to pee really bad.  It wasn't so bad at first so I walked slow and knew that running wasn't an option anymore.  I started watching for snow banks, trees, or bushes that I could squat behind (thankfully my mom taught us girls the art of squatting).  We're out in the country and the road that I was on is pretty busy, so if I hid behind a tree then the houses could see me.  I thought maybe the church would be open, but it must have been too early...I just kept searching for any option.  I finally noticed two men in their garage chatting, about 3.5 miles into the workout, and I knew I had to make a decision to either hide behind a snow pile and have wet feet for the remainder of the workout or I could ask those guys over there to use their bathroom.  I waddled over to them, "Hi, I'm your neighbor (out in the country we consider anyone within three miles our neighbor) and I'm 35 weeks pregnant.  I'm 3.5 miles into my 5 mile run and I need to pee soooooooooooo bad.  Can I use your bathroom or your woods?"  As in the title, desperate times call for desperate measures.  They laughed and told me that they were just there working on a remodel project.  It wasn't even their house, but I totally used the bathroom!

As I locked the door to the bathroom, I kind of thought that this was a really bad choice.  I'm in a strange persons house with random construction workers...not a good idea!  On my way out they were laughing pretty hard.  I thanked them and told them that they'll be able to go home with a really funny story tonight.  I didn't think it was so funny, but I was so relieved that the last 1.5 miles I didn't need to waddle and that I had dry feet.  I would have stopped to pee in a snow bank if I didn't ask them.  There was no way that I could have made another 1.5 miles.  I also came to the conclusion that I need to workout at the gym or stay within one mile of our house and just do loops close to home. 

The last 1.5 miles I could only think about my empty bladder and how amazing that feels.  Yay for nice, random, not creepy construction workers who let pregnant ladies pee in the house they're working on!  One of them actually drove by me as I was finishing up and honked and waved.


Lydia's photo that she entered into a contest was picked out of a few hundred photos as one of sixty to be displayed at the mall in St. Cloud.  Unfortunately it wasn't chosen to advance in the contest, but we're so proud of her.  All of our kids left the ceremony feeling really excited and motivated to enter more photos next year!  I'm not sure how long the photos will be on display, but if you stop by the food court you can see her handy work!  Way to go Lydia!!!!

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