Saturday, February 8, 2014


This is one of the only positions I can comfortably be in.

This little man is happily living in my right rib.  I seem to be carrying him much higher than I did with our kids and as much as I push him out of the rib he goes right back.  Other than him being in my rib, peeing every ten minutes, and not sleeping as much as I need, I feel pretty good!  Okay, that makes it sound like I'm miserable!  I am!  My rib and abdominal muscles must be bruised from me pushing on them so much.  I try my best to not complain to my husband and kids but it's super obvious how painful it is when they see me on the floor like the photo above. One night this week while we were getting home, I moaned under my breath and Lydia said, "Mom, are you crying?"  I told her, "No, but I feel like I could."  Jack chimed in, "You always tell us it's okay to cry if we need to.  It's okay to cry, Mom!"  They are so sweet.   

I worked this week more than I have in any given week in the last couple years.  That may have made a big difference in how I feel.  After Monday I realized that it was more comfortable to just stand while cleaning teeth.  I don't think the baby or I liked me sitting down and having him squished in my rib.  Most dental people know that it's not super comfortable to do standing hygiene, but I can attest that it was a thousand times better than sitting!  My back was a tiny sore after the week was over but my feet were just fine.       
Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I'm wondering if it makes this much of a difference being older carrying a baby.  Our baby, George, will turn six on Tuesday.  I think six years on a body can make that much of a difference.  George got sick yesterday so Lydia, Jack, and I met up with my parents for dinner.  After we ate I tried some frozen yogurt and almost had a seizure, not really, but when something gross hits my tongue I shake my head and try to make the terrible taste disappear.  I was able to eat some cake today, though!  You would think that I'd just learn to not eat these things with the hope that they taste delicious.  My new found favorite food is celery with almond butter!

I finally hit up the chiropractor yesterday and hope that it will help.  I celebrated at 3:00 this morning when I woke up, that was the longest amount of straight sleep that I can remember.  I also was able to have almost a full night of painless sleep so I woke up feeling really happy, except for having to clean up George's puke!  The baby spent the rest of the day in my rib, but having a night of sleep is more than I could ask for  :)   

33 weeks
I'm anxiously counting down the last seven weeks!  I'm not sure who is more IPs or me?!?!!?!

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