Friday, July 19, 2013

Anxious for and Update?

I've been anxious for an update, too! 

The first day home from our trip the kids started rubbing my belly and talking to it.  They are obsessed, especially Lydia.  It's really fun to see the excitement they have for a new wombmate :) 

I started taking at-home tests five days after the transfer, and I managed to go through eight of them within just a few days.  I wouldn't have gone through nearly as many if IP-A didn't tell me that I should pee on a stick every time I went to the bathroom, and that it's like being a kid on Christmas looking at presents under the tree and not opening them up!  Thanks IP-A!  It's normal for my body not to recognize the hormone in my urine for a long time, longer than the normal woman, so I didn't find it surprising that I kept on getting negatives.  I clued in my IP's that this was very normal for me and that they shouldn't worry about getting negative tests.  I actually wasn't even supposed to take these test, per the agency, and I was definitely not supposed to be telling my IP's.  OOPS, Josie broke the rules again.  Sorry Keely and Kim!  We still are going to win the prize of best match ever.  

My body starting feeling changes almost right away.  The progesterone had already given me tender breasts, but I started getting very crampy shortly after the transfer.  I actually was a bit worried how crampy I was, so I asked Charity if this was normal or if I should be worried.  Charity can calm my nerves even by text message.  She assured me that it was a very good sign and that we should stay positive!  By Saturday my sciatic nerve started hurting and I started walking funny.  This has happened with every viable pregnancy that I've had, and I find it to be a very reassuring sign that things are looking good.  My father in law was actually making fun of my walk...I didn't realize it how funny I looked!  I also am very bloated, which someone else told me happened to her after she went through IVF.  She had healthy twins, so I though that sounded like another good thing (not the twins...just the bloating sign).   

Yesterday morning I did my ritual morning pee test (with my 9th and final test I had) and it came back with a quick negative.  I really thought it was the morning for a positive test.  I feel pregnant and I'm sure this will work the first try.  I always get pregnant when I want!  I jumped in the shower and after I got out I thought I should take a peek and see if there were any changes on the test.  I reached in the garbage and there were two freaking lines on the test!  I didn't cry, I sobbed like a little kid with big crocodile tears!!  I couldn't get to the phone to call my IP's fast enough.  Neither of them answered my phone call.  Seriously, I was calling to give them the news of their life and no one was there to answer.  I called Ben.  He was so happy and immediately asked, "Does that test tell you how many are in there?"  Just a few minutes later my IP's called back, thinking that either I got a positive test or I started to bleed.  I told them to start jumping up and down right now, because I got a positive test!!!!!!!!!  They screamed with excitement!  What an amazing way to start the day :)


Later, I realized that I didn't give the other tests very much time before giving up and thinking they were negative.  I had all the tests in the boxes in the bathroom garbage can, so decided I would see if any of the others had changed after I threw them away.  By the time I got to the fourth positive test I stopped looking to see if they were all positive.  I could only laugh that I had taken all of these positive tests and we would have known days ago!  I told Ben and my IP's and everyone thought it was hilarious.  My IP's sent me a message last night reminding us that Carla, from the TV show Scrubs, had the same thing happen to her.  I always thought my life could be a funny TV show. 

Monday is our blood test to confirm the pregnancy.  I need to get a number over 100 and then we'll have an ultrasound about three weeks after.  Following the ultrasound we're released to my regular OB, which I don't have.  I guess it's time to start looking!    

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  1. Wow! Congrats Josie! I'm so excited for you and your IPs! My sister Lydia is an Ob-gyn at CentraCare if you are looking. She also goes to Westwood. Good luck!