Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"You Realize You're a Sitting Duck for Twins, Right?" -Dr. Virro

 Toronto had record rainfall last night that caused quick flooding and quite the commotion around town.  We were in our hotel room as we watched the clouds roll in and had a long discussion that it was a lot of rain for quite a lengthy amount of time.  We had 74 mm (we only had to ask about five people to convert that for us...almost 3 inches) in one hour.  Normally we see the torrential downpour that lasts just a minute or two, but this rain didn't let up.  We waited to head out for supper until the rain had slowed down.  One of the mall employees told us that the subways were closed due to flooding and that this weather was abnormal, because we had no idea that this wasn't a typical rainfall here. 
When we watched the news that evening we saw a Go Train that left 1,400 people stranded for several hours.  They had to bring boats in and had the Marine Guard rescuing people.  The sewer exploded and there was raw sewage covering roads and even ended up in peoples cars that were on those roads.  There was a Porsche that was under water that had about an inch of the roof out of the water.  It was interesting being here during this record breaking event.
I was emailed instructions for the transfer yesterday.  The transfer was scheduled for 10:30 am, I needed to be there by 10:00.  I needed to empty my bladder 1.5 hours before the transfer, and I had to have 1 liter of fluid by 9:30. IP-A was telling IP-B at the same time as I was telling Ben that I had to drink 1 liter, which meant that I had to drink half of a 2 liter.  I'm pretty sure that we'll never live this one down.  Oh Canada and it's conversions!   

This morning we decided that it would be wise to head to Markham, which is about 45 minutes away from Toronto, really early to make sure that there wasn't a chance of being late.  We left at 7:30 and figured we'd have breakfast close to the hospital.  After breakfast and emptying and filling my bladder we headed to the hospital. 

We met Sue first, she was this overweight friendly short lady that stunk like smoke.  She went over all of my post ops, when I will take a pregnancy test (July 22nd), if a positive pregnancy test how long until we do an ultrasound (3 weeks after confirmation of pregnancy), etc.  She was very nice and informative and should definitely quit smoking!

Next we we talked to Patricia, who basically calmed my nerves down by being the sweetest lady ever.  She told us about the procedure and answered all of our questions.  She was a talker and the front office lady put a kibosh on our conversation, which would have lasted longer than any of us would have wanted it to, and told her that the doctor was ready to go.  She literally ran to get the chart off to the right hands. 

Dr. Virro is the most unprofessionally, funny, dry doctor I've ever come across.  Don't get me wrong, he is really amazing at what he does, but he's very direct and to the point.  He shook my hand and called me Josephine.  I told him that I went by Josie, so we sat down and he starts the conversation off..."How old are you, Josephine?"  He's a little intimidating and he was about to put embryos into my uterus, so I just went with it!  He asked a series of questions and never made eye contact, except after taking about putting the two best embryos, which are both 8 cell Grade 2, in...He looked me square in the face and said, "You do realize you're a sitting duck for twins, right?!"  Well, what could I say...My positive thoughts are going to make sure only ones sticks?!?!  Seriously, the contract has been signed, I've flown up to Canada, my IP's are standing right behind me...Come on dude, of course I understand that this is a possibility!  Then he proceeds to tell me how great my lining looks.  GULP, DEEP BREATH, POSITIVE THOUGHTS!  After going through a few other questions the stands up and says, "Let's put these embryos in!" 

As we walked down the hall in a line, Dr. Virro asked if I was ok with everyone in the room during the procedure.  I would have been sad if everyone wouldn't be able to watch and experience this together.  IP-B and Ben took video of the procedure and IP-A took photos.  We all discussed that we woudn't ask and just do, this would be our best chance of getting video footage.  Kirby was the ultrasound tech that described everything that was happening during the procedure.  It took only a minute and a half for him to put the embryos in.  The only uncomforabable part was the ultrasound stick that was being pushed really hard on my bladder.  I didn't even feel the catheter at all but we could watch it on the ultrasounds.  After he was done I had to lay down for about 15-20 minutes.


It was a relief to go to the bathroom, literally!  I'm sure most of you have watched Austin Powers and understands that his urination after being cryogenically frozen was a couple minutes long.  I seriously have never peed so much in my life.  I started laughing and knew it was total Austin Powers style.  I'm sure it was at least one and a half minutes!  That's it, we were done at the hospital. 

I was directed to be on bed rest for the next 24 hours.  I thought being forced to stay in bed would be a day in heaven...It's not!  I really just want to get up and run!  We all hung out in our room today and played some card games.  Ben and my IP's went out to get lunch and supper, I think they liked to get out a bit!  We're so lucky that we all get along so well.  I'm still thinking that we're going to win a "Best Match" award!   

Now, to let the little embryo burrow in and make itself at home...remember those positive thoughts on uno. 

IVF in full swing

Awesome photo of Dr. Virro taken by IP-A

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  1. Hey there! Seems as though I'm late to this blog, but I found it by googling "Surrogacy and Lupron, Why?" Lol, and your updates are so expressive and comforting! I am a first time surrogate,set to begin Lupron on Nov. 11th. My embryo transfer is on Dec. 18th. Do you have any advice for a first time surrogate? Thanks!