Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Think I Can Call Myself a Surrogate Now

Saturday morning I woke up and put in my progesterone suppository.  The applicator came out with bright red blood on it and my vag hurt soooooooo bad!  I went back to bed and told Ben I thought something bad was happening.  The nurses told me if I saw bright red blood then it probably was a bad sign.  I didn't have a large amount of bleeding, but I decided I'd run to the store to pick up a few pregnancy tests to make sure that it was still coming up as positive.  I was a nervous wreck!

I called Charity on my way to the store, and she told me that it's possible to have bleeding from that applicator and if the suppository is too close to the cervix.  Thank God for Charity!  I told her how I was hurting pretty bad on the inside from that progesterone, so she suggested that I stop with the applicator and just put it in the old fashion way.  I haven't had one issue since I stopped using the applicator.  I shall make it well known in the surrogacy world that no one should rip up their vag like me, and I'll worn them before using that stupid applicator!  The pregnancy test was fine and my vag is healed...Thank God.  (sorry if that was too graphic) 

My IP's came over on Sunday for a BBQ and games.  It's amazing that we can spend an afternoon and evening together and feel like we're such great friends already (I guess that's good since we've really integrated our lives)!  Ben and I have had a really hard time meeting couples that we both like, so it's refreshing that we're both happy with this match.  It's fun that we have so many things in common, and it's like we've know each other for years!  They're such great people. 

Gluten Free/Sugar Free Tort made by IP-A

Monday was the Beta hCG blood test at the doctors office.  It's hard to answer questions that people have about this pregnancy.  I sat down and the Phlebotomist asked me how many kids I have and their ages, and then proceeded to tell me how far apart the kids will be.  It sure makes me think about things that I have said to people in the past, and how I'll watch myself closer now to not just assume things.  I had my test at 9:30am and then played the "hurry up and wait" game.  IP-A called me mid-nap to let me know that my results were in...still half sleeping I heard the number 77, my heart sank and I think I almost threw up, then I asked IP-A to repeat the number and that's when I heard it...677!!!  There's no question about it, I'M PREGNANT! 

Of course we all want to read into the numbers, but ladies and gents, we'll just have to wait until August 13th at 11:10 to find out if there are one or two little hearts beating in there.  I've heard of people in the 400's carry twins and I've heard people in the 900's carry a singleton.  My IP's are planning on coming to the ultrasound on the 13th.  I'm pretty sure that will be an emotional day for all of us.  I'm thinking I might look at my IP's while they look at the ultrasound before taking a glance at how many are there.  I just want to see their reaction when they see their child for the first time. This whole process makes me so happy, it's more than obvious that I'm truly meant to do this.  It's a modern day miracle!

I've been feeling really well.  The pregnancy fatigue is in full swing, but I'm making sure to get about a half hour power nap each afternoon to help with the loss of energy.  I think it's working really well to have a scheduled power nap.  I was even able to have my first run since the transfer tonight.  The boys biked along side during the two mile run, and I felt great!  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get three miles in :) 

-Insert Jeopardy theme song...
It's going to be a long three weeks!

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