Sunday, July 7, 2013

Canada Bound

Ben and I arrived in Toronto yesterday afternoon and my IP's picked us up and took us back to the hotel.  We're at a nice place downtown Toronto just a couple miles away from Lake Ontario.  We walked down to the lake and took a fairy out to an island where we spent the evening putzing around, taking in the view of the lake, and enjoying the city lights from the island.  Of course we ended with ice cream.  It was a great start to our adventure here.

The egg retrieval was done yesterday morning and they were able to get 20 eggs!  Around the same time the genetic information deposit was given and the eggs were fertilized.  We'd have to wait until today to hear how many eggs were actually fertilized...(drum roll please)...16 embryos are growing in the lab!  It was fun to be with my IP's when they got the news about their little ones :)  The doctor will pick the best two embryos on Tuesday morning and use IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to get them into my womb.  Of course my IP's hope that they have twins, as the carrier, I'm sending my positive thoughts to having just one stick (this is the only thing that we haven't agreed on)! 

The morning after the egg retrieval is when the progesterone vaginal suppositories start.  That means today was the day.  How does that work you wonder?!  I thought the same.  There is a little one inch pill shaped waxy material that is placed in a handy little applicator, similar to a tampon applicator, and it's inserted the same way as a tampon.  I was warned that I'd have to wear a liner because there would be some leakage, and they were totally right.  I'm really excited that I'll have to do this twice a day for what might seem like eternity.  The progesterone fools my body into thinking that it's pregnant and more likely to accept the embryos.  Yippee!     

We thought that it would be fun to head to Niagara Falls to celebrate Ben's 31st Birthday, so we took off this morning for our excursion.  We took a 54 second elevator ride to the top of a giant tower to look at the falls from way up high.  It was a breathtaking view!  We headed down for a close up look and even took a behind the falls tour.  We were given yellow ponchos to wear and looked like a bunch of little ducks.  We had lots of photo ops and definitely stopped for each one.  I especially like the photo we got after supper, of our Somerset native, next to the "Duke of Somerset" restaurant sign.  We ended the day on the 27th floor overlooking the lake with a chocolate Gluten Free cake and relaxation in the hot tub.  I guess everyone was in the hot tub except for me, but my feet enjoyed it! 

We'll learn all the information and instrucions about the transfer tomorrow via email.  We're really close!

*photos to follow*   

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